About Our Company

Our goal is to inspire the human spirit to enlighten and advance the creativity that each of us possesses, for the betterment of all of us. Publishing books is our only business. We concentrate on non fiction books, that address and explore subjects that illuminate topics that touch all of our lives. It is not our goal to publish a lot of books, just good books that will give insight and stimulate conversation.

Our Books

Our latest book to be published is "Conversations with the Dead, the Secret of all things". The book is released in paper back and e book format and is printed in collaboration with KDP/Amazon Books. It is a ground breaking book that opens a door into the world of the dead that answers questions we all seek answers to. We publish titles that touch on the afterlife, paranormal activity, alternative science methods, and other books touching on the mind, body, and soul.

Partnership Benefits

Midnight Blue Publishers LTD helps authors in the methods often sought after by modern authors. We review the author's background, current following, and edited manuscript then assist authors with final editing, cover-art, web development referrals, and of course the publishing and distribution of books. As a print-on-demand publisher we invest little overhead and physical book printing up front while still helping ensure our author's titles end up on bookshelves everywhere. Our distribution channels include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, and more. We have also developed relationships with a variety of marketing channels in our specific space to help get books the attention they deserve.

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